FULL PRODUCTION–Fri-Sun April 23-May 10, 2020 Pack Rat Gene by Margy Kahn directed by Michael R. Cohen

READING 1 – Thur April 30, 2020  Potatoes and Vodka by L.H. Grant,  The Salmon Run by Richard Friedlander directed by Michael Sally

READING 2 – Thur May 7, 2020 Time After Time Again by Madeline Daly Puccioni

We congratulate the playwrights whose plays will be read or produced and humbly thank you for trusting your scripts to us.  We are truly sorry that we have don’t have more Barn time to present additional works. As usual we had some great material that we were unable to fit into the schedule.  Keep writing and submit again the coming year!


Arches, Light and Balance, 2016 RAW Festival


Ross Alternative Works holds open auditions for their productions six to seven weeks ahead of the production. Ross Valley Players two mini festivals per season, one in the fall and one in the spring. RAW is a great way to get involved on the RVP stage, and a wonderful way to work with new, often never-before-seen material. Audition notices for Ross Alternative Work productions will be posted on the general audition page.

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Ross Alternative Works (RAW) Purpose of Ross Alternative Works 
Ross Valley Alternative Works (RAW) is dedicated to the staging and production of original, provocative and exciting new works by Bay Area playwrights. We tap into the vast pool of local creative theatre artists to provide high quality technical and production values. This approach has brought visibility and acclaim to those who might never have had the opportunity otherwise. Each season, RAW presents a full-length production, which may include two-act plays or short works selected for quality and originality. A moderated discussion with the writers follows each program, encouraging constructive feedback, criticism and ideas to the benefit of writers and audience alike.

History of Ross Alternative Works
The Ross Valley Players has a long history of supporting original theatrical work. In the 1930s, members submitted scripts for competition with the winners being presented at the annual membership meetings. The 1950s saw staged readings and in the 1980s RAT (Ross Alternative Theatre) presented both readings and full productions of plays by local playwrights. In 2000, the idea of reading new scripts was revived as a membership perk and in 2004, RAW (Ross Alternative Works) was formed. It began in conjunction with HAVEN. In the 1990s, late actor/director Ben Dickson spearheaded HAVEN to facilitate theatre artists practicing their craft in a non-critical, open and creative atmosphere; a safe haven.

Ross Alternative Works continued in that spirit, at first presenting a series of staged readings and eventually moving toward more fully realized, black box productions. The new format of two mini festivals per season began with RVP’s 80th consecutive season. We are moving to one full-length Spring 2016 production for our 86th Season.

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