Anna in the Tropics, 2016. Photo by Gregg Le Blanc.


Open Auditions

Ross Valley Players holds open auditions for every show we produce. To receive all audition notices, please click HERE. We welcome you to join our wonderful group of collaborators in making professionally-oriented, high-quality live theatre in Marin. We are the oldest continually operating theatre company on the West Coast. Wonderful Non-AEA actors come from throughout the Bay Area to play on our historic stage. Our houses our well-attended, parking is free and easy, and we offer a stipend. We have been nominated for and have received Bay Area Theatre Critics Circle Awards, Dean Goodman Awards, and Theatre Bay Area Awards.

These Shining Lives

Directed by Mary Ann Rodgers 
Produced by Maureen O’Donoghue 

Performances Thursday – Sunday, March 7 – March 31, 2019 

Saturday, November 17, 1-4 PM 
Sunday, November 18, 7-10 PM 
30 Sir Francis Drake Blvd.

  • For audition appointment and information please call Maureen O’Donoghue at 415-235-8800 or email
  • Auditions are open to non-AEA performers, stipend provided to cast.
  • Audition Side links are provided below

Please bring your resume and current headshot.

Rehearsals Begin February 4th, 2019 – weekday evenings and some weekends.

Warm read  – Click on the character name, highlighted in red below, for sides:

Catherine Donohue, (F, 20-30)
Married employee at RDC. 
Frances, (F, 20-30) 
Co-worker, also plays Reporter 2 and Official. 
Charlotte, (F, 20-30) 
Co-worker, also plays Reporter 1. 
Pearl, (F, 20-30) 
Co-worker, also plays Daughter, Judge 2.  
Tom Donohue, (M, 20-35) 
Catherine’s husband, also plays D. Rowntree, Dr. Dalitsch. 
Mr. Reed, (M, 30-45) 
Company executive, also plays Company Doctor, Son, Judge & Leonard Grossman. 

The Play
In the 1920’s the Radium Dial Company of Ottawa, Illinois employs young women to paint watch dials, with the potential of earning $8 a week – a sum that can make a difference to a young family in difficult times.  This is the story of four young women who discover that they’re braver, stronger and more extraordinary than they could have imagined. 

Scott and Zelda, The Beautiful Fools

Written by Lance S. Belville
Directed by Lynn Lohr
Produced by Ross Alternative Works.

Please contact Tinka Ross with questions about auditions 415-244-4715 or email

Performances:  Thursday, April 11, 2019; Friday – Sunday, April 12 – April 28, 2019 

Saturday, December 1, 11 am-3 pm
Monday, December 3, 6:30-8:30 pm
Wednesday, December 5, (Callbacks) 6:30-8:30 pm

Actors will be seen in groups during each time slot. For an audition appointment, please click here: 

Audition Location: Marin Shakespeare Company, 514 4th St., San Rafael 

Auditions are open to non-AEA performers, stipend provided to cast

Please bring your completed audition application, resume and current headshot. Please click HERE for audition application & complete schedule.

Rehearsals Begin March 9h, 2019 – Sunday-Wednesday evenings and Saturdays 10am-3pm.

Warm read  – Click on the character name, highlighted in red below, for sides:

F. Scott Fitzgerald, American Novelist (M, 30s)

Zelda Sayre Fitzgerald, Scott’s wife and muse (F, 20s-30s)

Scottie Fitzgerald, Their daughter (F, 8-12 yrs)

Groucho Marx, Comedian (M, 30s-40s), also plays 2-3 other roles

Ernest Hemingway, Writer (M, 30s), also plays 2-3 other roles

Harold Ober, Scott’s agent (M, 40s), also plays 2-3 other roles

Sheilah Graham, Gossip columnist (F, 30s), also plays 2-3 other roles

Darlings of the Jazz Age, Scott and Zelda roamed an international landscape from the hot spots of Europe to the deadly glitter of Hollywood. The play takes place in the mind of Fitzgerald as he mulls over the events of his life from 1918 when he first met Zelda in Alabama to 1938 Los Angeles and his present moment in the apartment of his girlfriend, Sheilah Graham.

A PDF of the full script is available, click here.

Moll Flanders

By Jennifer Le Blanc
Directed by Ellen Brooks

Performances Thursday – May 23 – June 6, 2019 

Saturday, December 8, 10 AM – 1 PM 
Sunday, December 9, 6-9 PM 
Auditions, performances and most rehearsals will be at The Barn Theatre in the Marin Art and Garden Center, 30 Sir Francis Drake Blvd., Ross, CA

  • For audition appointment and information please call Bob Wilson, 415-461-8927
  • Auditions by appointment: Non-AEA, stipend provided.  Open to all.
  • Audition form and calendar are provided below

Preparation: Please prepare a short (no more than 2 minute) monologue.  Also sing a few bars of something brief, as some characters will need to do some group songs. 

Bring: Headshot and resume, along with the completed sign-up form, click here.

Characters: 5 F, 6 M

Moll – F 25-40 (plays ages 18-50’s)

Mother – F 50-70
Also plays Apothecary Customer, Mercer’s Maid, Dolly

Brother – M 30’s
Also plays children, Physician, Parson, Scamp, Minister, Humphrey

Banker – M 40-50’s 
Also plays Parson, Creditor, Commander, Justice Baer, Judge

Christopher – M 25-30
Also plays Commander, Major Stevens, Priest, Highway Man, Pip, Captain

Jemy – M 30’s
Also plays Suitor, Miles-End proprietor, Pirate, London Constable.

Mayoress – F, 50’s
Also plays Governess, Prisoner

Miss – F, 18-25
Also plays Prostitute, Jemy’s sister, Dancing School Girl, Mercer’s Maid

Lady – F, 25-35
Also plays Sailor’s Widow, Children, Cottager’s Wife, Tutress, Poor Jenny

Robin – M, 30-40’s
Also plays Boatswain, Brikill Innkeeper, Apothecary, Mercer

Keeper – M, 40’s-50’s
Also plays Draper, Sailor Husband, Nurse, Captain, Highway Man. Constable of Dunstable

The Play
A fresh, bawdy and exciting adaptation of the 18th century novel that follows the life of Moll from a youth in prison through love, crime, motherhood, poverty, and eventual comfort. While Moll is its center, the play is carried by an ensemble of characters, each offering wonderfully theatrical and creative roles.

Crimes of the Heart

By Beth Henley
Directed by Patrick Nims

Performances Thursday – July 11 – August 11, 2019 

Saturday, December 8, 1 PM – 4 PM
Sunday, December 9, 6:30 -9:30 PM 
Sunday, December 16, 6:30 -9:30 PM – Callbacks

Please note, auditions, and callbacks will be held at Rhythms Performing Arts, 1114 1st Street, Novato, CA.  Performances and most rehearsals will be at The Barn Theatre in the Marin Art and Garden Center, 30 Sir Francis Drake Blvd., Ross, CA

  • For audition appointment and information please sign up here.
  • Audition sides are below

Preparation: Prepare a one-minute contemporary comic monologue (performed with a southern accent). Readings from sides may be requested.

Bring: Bring your resume and headshot.

4 Women, 2 Men. Ages between 24 and 30. Mississippi Accent required.  Part and audition side detail can be found here.

The Play
Set in the Magrath family kitchen in their hometown of Hazelhurst, Mississippi, the action unfolds during what the youngest sister, 24-year-old Babe, calls ”a bad day.” Babe is out on bail, having just shot her husband in the stomach. Her 27-year-old sister Meg, a would-be singing star, has retreated from Hollywood by way of a psychiatric ward. Lenny, the eldest Magrath, is facing her 30th birthday with a ”shrunken ovary” and no romantic prospects. As if this weren’t enough, Old Granddaddy, the family patriarch, is in the hospital with ”blood vessels popping in his brain.” The play is the story of how the three sisters escape the past to seize the future—in a telling so true and touching and consistently hilarious that it will linger in the mind long after the curtain has descended. The play won the 1981 Pulitzer Prize for Drama and was nominated for the Tony Award for Best Play.