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Arches, Light and Balance, 2016 RAW Festival

At RAW, our goal is to provide Bay Area Playwrights with a venue for producing their work.  We provide a venue for these plays, fostering local talent and providing the community with an opportunity to enjoy new works by emerging playwrights.

The RAW Festivals are presented over three weekends, with one fully produced program (ten performances) and two different one night readings.  Additionally, one or two evenings of readings may be held in the Fall.  Programs may be full length scripts or a combination of one acts and shorts, depending upon the material received.

Deadline for Submission

Scripts to be considered for the Spring 2020 Festival must be received by December 15, 2019.

Submit Your Script

Submit Script


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Guidelines for Submitting Scripts 

(Due December 15, 2019)

  • We accept works from Bay Area residents only.
  • Playwrights are expected to attend the program and participate in the event that a talk-back session with the audience is scheduled.
  • Performances are fully produced.
  • Plays are publicized in print and online.
  • Plays must be in standard format (see note below)

Plays accepted have been between 10 and 90 pages and of all genres except children’s plays.

Plays should not have received a previous full production in the Bay Area. If your play is selected for a production with RAW, and you subsequently discover it is being produced elsewhere prior to your RAW production, it is your responsibility to notify RAW immediately. Plays which have been previously work- shopped and are ready for full production are not only accepted but are preferred.


Submit your script using the following format. Submission is by electronic means only, as an attachment in a Word, PDF or RTF file.

  • Times New Roman font size 12
  • Use clearly delineated page numbers, scene citations and act citations (headers and footers are optional.
  • Title page
    • Text is centered on the page and includes the title, genre and author
    • Contact information is on the lower third of the page
    • Copyright © All rights reserved. date
  • Character breakdown including age, gender, name of character and a brief description.
  • Use a signifier (End Act I, lights fade etc. . .) to indicate that a scene or act has ended.


  • Dialogue begins 1.5 inches from the left side and extend to 1.0 inches from the right margin
  • Character name in ALL CAPS in the center of the page above the dialogue.
  • Stage action begins in the center of the page and scans to the right margin. A blank line is inserted before and after.
  • Stage direction reliant on the proceeding dialogue is indented to the left of the character’s name.

Adapted from the 2014 Dramatists Guild Resource Directory: The Writer’s Guide to the Theatrical
Marketplace 20th Edition. (Newburyport MA) Focus Publishing/R. Pullins Company 2014