The 39 Steps

Written by John Buchan
Adapted by Patrick Barlow from an original concept by Simon Corble & Nobby Dimon
Directed by Adrian Elfenbaum
Production Management by Malcolm Rodgers

JULY 14 – AUGUST 20, 2017

The 39 Steps is based upon John Buchans novel and the 1939 Hitchcock  lm. Richard, a handsome man accused of murder, goes on the run to discover the leader of a spy ring and clear his name. Four fearless actors play 130 roles in this zany, farcical adventure with mystery, intrigue, and side-splitting comedy that will have you holding onto the edge of your seats.

This delightful farce was also a recipient of the 2008 Drama Desk Award for Unique Theatrical Experience as well as six Tony Award nominations. 

“Theatre at its best! Absurdly enjoyable! This gleefully theatrical riff on Hitchcocks movie is fast and frothy…” – The New York Times

“Rollicking Fun! Hugely Entertaining!” -Sunday Times

“A dizzy theatrical game played with wit and versatility…” – The Times

“A wonderful triumph of theatre.” – BBC Radio 4



The critics LOVE THE 39 STEPS!

Theatre Bay Area Recommended and a  Bay Area Theatre Critics Circle Go See!

“It is easy to be captivated by The 39 Steps at Ross Valley Players—whether you enjoy secret agent adventures, Alfred Hitchcock films, or theatrical comedy that the whole family will enjoy, this play is a treat of first-rate entertainment.” – Alexa Chipman, Imagination Lane

“This is the first North Bay production that this reviewer is aware of, and it’s a stunner. The show demands the utmost of an incredibly talented high-energy cast…Anchoring the production is Michael Monagle, devilishly nuanced as dapper spy-chaser Richard Hannay. RVP veteran Robyn Grahn puts in a rock-solid performance as the three women Hannay gets involved with in his adventures pursuing and being pursued by various bad guys. Sean Garahan and Andre Amarotico (referred to in the playbill as “Clown No. 1” and “Clown No. 2,” respectively) are the superstars of this production, appearing as nightclub entertainers, hotel proprietors, Scottish constables and more other characters than you could count were you inclined to do so.

Whether you’re a Hitchcock fan or couldn’t care less, if you have a penchant for all-out comedy, you’re going to love this production. It’s a winner.” – Barry Willis, Marin IJ

“RVP delivers in every area…the show’s essential comedic drive comes from the antics of Sean Garahan and Andre Amarotico—designated in the program simply as Clown #1 and Clown #2—who open the evening with a music hall routine and then engage in a series of lightning character changes (allegedly around 150 in total) that is beyond any I’ve witnessed in my years of reviewing. 
As if that’s not enough, when they aren’t shifting accents, donning wigs, dresses and whatever else it takes to transform their identity, they morph into stagehands moving props and scenery….All of this depends on exact timing and blocking, the province of RVP’s director, Adrian Elfenbaum, who also adds many creative touches to the staging…It may seem like hyperbole to call the result a triumph, but that’s what it is.” – Charles Brousse, Pacific Sun
 “The whole show is a masterpiece of comic teamwork by expert actors having the time of their lives in this wild frolic of stagecraft done with perfect timing…It is an engrossing puzzle to the audience (“which Hitchcock film did I see that in?,” “who is that character?” etc.) that infects the audience in a matter of minutes with infectious laughter that cheers throughout the showCostumes and choreography are included with the meal as tasty “side dishes” to the main dish of plot and action…Add the exotic spices of spot-on lighting and sound, and we have the perfect meal. This reviewer is going back for seconds.” – Gary Gonser, Imagination Lane

 “No matter what you can imagine, it’s not as funny as what the Ross Valley Players are presenting onstage in Ross through Aug. 20...Quality way above the pay grade of a community theater, quality equal to any being staged anywhere in the Bay Area…And the opening night audience’s insouciant, interactive participation — cheering and yelling at the graceless but impassioned speaker — does absolutely nothing to abate my chills…That said, I give the show six stars out of five.” – Woody Weingarten, Marinscope

“The whole side-splitting shebang is played for laughs and the script is full of allusions to Alfred Hitchcock films…Monagle oozes plummy poise and unerring charm as the stiff-upper-lipped Hannay….Grahn continues to delight with every RVP outing and steals some of Buchan’s scenes, particularly as a sexed-up, mixing-spoon caressing, farm wife…Garahan is a whirling dervish of energy in multiple roles, as is Amarotico, whose deadpans are also a delight.

This show is a gem and RVP’s version is a corker, don’t miss it!” – Mitchell Fields, San Francisco Bay Area Theatre Critics Circle

“…this ambitious Ross Valley Production altogether exceeds expectations. I highly recommendamazing production to you and your friends for a great time at the Ross Valley Players barn theater.” – Flora Lynn Isaacson, For All Events

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Cast & Crew

Director – Adrian Elfenbaum
Production Manager – Malcolm Rodgers
Lighting Design – Tina Johnson
Costume Design – Janice Koprowski
Set Design – Ron Krempetz
Sound Design – Billie Cox
Projection Design – Malcolm Rodgers
Fight Choreography – Richard Squeri
Dialect Coach – Lynne Soffer
Property Design – Marguerite Finney
Scenic Artist – Dhyanis Carniglia
Volunteer Coordinator – Eleanor Prugh
Publicist – Karin Conn PR
Photography – Gregg Le Blanc
Set Construction – Eugene DeChristopher
Stage Manager – Ben Vasquez
Stage Crew – Casey Jones
Asst. Stage Manager – Elizabeth Griffin
MarketingJayme Catalano

Hannay – Michael Monagle
Annabella/Pamela/Margaret – Robyn Grahn 
Clown/Man #1 – Sean Garahan
Clown/Man #2 – Andre Amarotico